Can’t Find an Apartment in the Bronx? In NY, Homelessness is No Joke

If you are looking for an apartment in the Bronx, you might be having a hard time and joke about being homeless. However, the topic of homelessness in New York is a pretty serious thing. Even worse, a lot of money is thrown at the issue and it does not get better.

Currently, around 60,000 people live in the shelter system in NYC. These people have families, and some of them are working. The rent in NYC increased 19-percent in the last 16 years while the average income decreased six percent. This did not do anything good for NYC residents and their ability to maintain a residence.

The story of individuals who work hard and struggle, despite having a job, are hard to read. These stories involve teachers and plumbers, people who have steady jobs and people who have jobs that cycle through good pay and no work. These people have made mistakes, bad decisions or simply have had life happen to them. If you think it is easy to get an apartment in the Bronx NY, then read a couple of their stories and start to understand why the system is not helping these people. This is despite the best intentions.

Living on your own in NYC is expensive and challenging. It has its positives too, however, since you can call the place your own and take pride in the residence you have created and pay for on a regular basis. Take time to find the right apartment for you, since it is the place you go to relax and enjoy your time away from work.

Knowing that life can be very different depending on perspective can give you a better appreciation of what you do have when you have worked hard and earned your place. Take pride in that success.