Keeping Up With Apartment Repairs In The Bronx NY

Metropolitan Oval at Parkchester Apartments in the Bronx NY Parkchester South Condominiums has been in a battle with unit owners over a maintenance fee increase since the first quarter of 2016. PSC Management wanted to impose a 15.19% increase on unit owners. The problem with that is that one of those unit owners is Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr.

Senator Diaz enlisted the assistance of Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda to act as lead council in a lawsuit against PSC. The Condo management team was requesting the fee increase to cover expenses for needed repairs that could lead to ceiling collapses that could lead to tenant injuries, owner displacement, and units in such disrepair that would render them unsellable. PSC was taking steps to start an eviction process on those owners that had not paid the fee increase. When the lawsuit was filed, the court ordered PSC to cease all activity in regards to evictions until the case was settled.

A settlement was reached back in January that would allow condo owners who could show documented proof of financial hardship to pay the maintenance fee over a four year period. There are additional details of the settlement that are long and boring. If you are interested, you can read the article in the January 21, 2017 edition of the Bronx Times. For now, the settlement has halted the eviction of any of the 8,286 unit owners residing in the Parkchester South Condominiums.

How does a complex as large as Parkchester allow the maintenance of their buildings to fall so far behind that there is a potential danger to the owners and residents? The Parkchester apartment community in the Bronx NY is made up of 171 buildings laid out across 129 acres with parks and walkways woven throughout the community. The parent company of Parkchester South Condominiums and Parkchester North Condominiums is Parkchester Preservation Management.